We Heart Taranaki

In 2016, Taranaki faced the prospect of having an Angio machine that was end-of-life and at risk of breaking down. This meant we were at risk of not being able to treat angio patients locally, as well as risking losing our cardiologists.

41,000 people in Taranaki atre at risk of cardiovascular disease, so not having the tools needed to treat them was not an option. We needed a new, surgical grade Angio Suite to house the machine and the tools and equipment needed to run it. The cost would be $3.6 million but the result would mean the ability to provide time-critical, life-saving care locally.

Total amount raised
$3.6 million

A gift in three parts

Taranki District Health Board allocated $1.2 million from their budget to this project. This was matched by TET, who pledged an addition $1.2 million. But this still left $1.2 million to be found. Methanex kicked off the fundraising with an amazing pledge of $375,000 as they could clearly see how important this was, and how it would impact on their staff and whānau.

It wasn't long before a raft of other corporate sponsors where on-board. With CArdiovascular disease being so prevelent, and having such an impact on people lives, it was clear the sensible choice was to invest in providing the best care locally.

But it wasn't just big businesses that got involved. It was you, the community, that really stepped up, dug deep and got behind the project. Your geneorisity and excitement meant we raised the final amount. As with everything the Taranaki HealthFoudantion does, every cent donated to this campaign went to provide life-saving care across for the region.

Thank you Taranaki!

Caring about the future

Angio fundraiser

Since opening in 2017, over 1,800 people have been treated at the new Angiosuite. That means people that have received pacemakers, had a coronory angioplast, or had angiograms done on other parts of their bodies have been able to have it done locally. The impact on their life and their family's life has been reduced. And the highly trained staff that we have are able to stay working in Taranaki with the best equipment possible.

Thank you to everyone who donated

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