Taranaki deserves

the best emergency

Your donation can secure a dedicated CT scanner for ED in Taranaki Base hospital, as well as further enhancements for the best healthcare possible.

Why donate to emergency?

We hope you never need it, but chances are at some point either you, your family or someone you love will need emergency care. When that happens, you want to know that the medical teams caring for you are giving you the best chance possible. While the new emergency department in Taranaki Base Hospital's New East Wing Building will have more beds and a m ore efficient layout, we want to make it the best by filling it with advanced equipment that can diagnose and treat you faster.

Your donation's impact

20 Bed Accute Assesment Unit

CT scanner dedicated to ED

New X-ray units

Patients will be able to come in by ambulance, be stabilised in resus and taken for a CT scan immediately, so treatment decisions can be made faster.

Dr. Michael Connelly
Clinical Director of Emergency Medicine

How can you help?

The government is investing $400 million in the New East Wing Building for Taranaki, which will equip the new maternity unit to a standard level. We thing Taranaki deserves the best though, and so we are looking for additional donations that will help provide additional equipment and facilities.

Donating to Taranaki Health Founadtion, you are helping us commit to bring the best healthcare facilities to Taranaki. For maternity this means being able to provide a unit that is comforting for new parents, whilst also providing the clinical teams with the best equipment to give the best outcomes.

Secure online donation

You can donate online using our secure payment platform. Fill in your details below and you will be taken to our secure payment partner - Windcave. Taranaki Health Foundation does not store any of your payment details.

Or if you would prefer...

We accept donations by direct bank transfer. If you would prefer to do this, please use the following details:

Account name: Taranaki Health Foundation

Account number: 15 3942 0837510 00

Reference: YOUR NAME

(Please contact us directly for a receipt as we will not have your address)

Your business can help too

Local businesses can make an incredible difference. Not only financially but also with in-kind gifts. If you work for, or own a business that is keen to give back to the community, then contact us today. A gift to healthcare is a gift to the whole community.