One small step...

A Methanex fundraising challenge

Newborn baby in an incubator

It's time to step up!

Join our challenge to see who can take the most steps to help bring enhancements to the Methanex Neonatal Unit.

Taranaki Health Foundation and Methanex are challenging you to see how many steps you can take in a month - with great prizes for those that take the most and raise the most money!

All money raised is donated to the Methanex Neonatal Unit, helping bring enhanced services and upgraded equipment to our smallest patients. And to top it off, Methanex will match every dollar raised, up to $5,000!

The Challenge


Get together a team of up to five people. Don’t have a full team yet? No worries - register anyway and you can add people at a later date.

Register your team


Once registered, you will receive your entrant pack, including a pledge form. Get people to challenge you to do more steps. The more steps, the more money you will raise!


From 20 March, start walking! You can use anything you want to track the member of steps you take. Your phone’s health app, smart watch, fitbit, Strava... Each day, submit the previous days number of steps to Krystle George.

Submit your steps

The important bits

Entry Fee $30
Start date 20 March 2024
End Date 20 April 2024
Team pledge poster
Individual pledge poster

The prizes

The winner in each of the categories below will be taken on a tour of the New East Wing Building at Taranakai Base Hospital. The toour will include visiting the existing Neonatal Unit and then vising the new Methanex Neonatal Unit so you can see the difference your generosity has made.

The Prize categories are:

  • Most individual steps
  • Most team steps
  • Most individual amount raised
  • Most team amount raised

The pledges

Level No. of Steps Donation Amount
The Couch Potatoes 60,000 - 70,000 steps $50
The Battlers 70,000 - 80,000 steps $100
The Hard Workers 80,000 - 90,000 steps $150
The Fit Ones 90,000 - 100,000 steps $200
The Half Marathon Runners 100,000 - 120,000 steps $250
The Half Marathon Runners 120,000+ steps $300