The ambition

We are looking to raise $5 million to fund essential enhancements to the new emergency ward at Taranaki Base Hospital - including making provisions to provide a CT scanner for the ward. 

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What's the current situation? 

The emergency ward within Taranaki Base Hospital is under tremendous pressure. The clinical staff are working in an area that was never intended to handle the number of patients that currently go through every day.

  • There are currently only 26 beds - a number far lower than what is needed most days
  • Patients are often being treated in corridors or in the ambulance bay with no privacy
  • There is no CT Scanner dedicated to the emergency ward, causing delays for the majority of patients
  • The paediatric space is not child friendly, causing stress to children that pass through
  • There is also a lack of facilities to treat patients with mental disorders.
  • The current space has an improvised area for Covid isolation, causing inefficiencies when there are potential cases that need to be isolated
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How can you help?

Your support will enable us to create a new, purpose built, state-of-the-art emergency department for Taranaki

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The $5 million we are raising for the Emergency ward will mean we can make sure everyone in Taranaki has access to the emergency care they need, reduce waiting times and reduce the need to transfer to Waikato, Wellington or Auckland. 

More beds

The new unit will have 11 additional beds - a total of 37. This will include more resus rooms, meaning more specialist life saving equipment will be available. The will also 2 additional procedure rooms, with one set up specifically for paediatrics.

Acute Assessment Unit

There will also be 20 new beds in an acute assessment unit. This is a new unit that the hospital currently has no provision for. The unit provides an acute service for short stay in patients who would otherwise take up space in the emergency department. 

A dedicated CT Scanner

Your support will allow us to put a CT scanner in the emergency department. This is a vital tool for the fast diagnosis and treatment of patients. Currently the emergency team use the CT scanner in the radiology department, which is already over capacity and needs updating. 


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